FAQ in Tempe Making Process

How do you know when the soya bean is dry and ready to be mixed with the starter?
Dry -when you put the soya beans on your palm it does not stick to it.

Do we need to have a boiler room to make tempe?
Nope, placing it near the radiator would be sufficient. During summer, you can just leave the soya beans to incoculate in closed room (just cover the soya beans with a cloth/towel). However the time the tempe would be ready would be different under the two condition (more heat during the intial 12 hours, the faster the tempe innoculating).

Do we need to remove all the soya beans hull?
Nope unless you are a very meticulous and patience person. Or buy a dehulled soya beans.
We also sell cracked soya beans (we did not remove the hull)- but it makes it a lot easier, just scoop the hull during rinsing or boiling.

Do we need to add vineger when boiling the soya bean?
No really, the effect is similar either way.

How long is shelf life of the tempe starter?
Usually 6-12months depending on the time of production. But if place in cooler storage it can be more than that.

How long is the shelf life of tempe?
When the tempe is ready (full of white mould), it usually takes 26-48 hours before it starts to develop black spots (you still can eat it- no difference in taste but it doesnot look nice). Not sure how to answer this question because i never leave the tempe outside for more than 48 hours. Frozen tempe can lasts for months so i was told but again we always finished our tempe within a week it is frozen.

But as i said before, tempe is best cooked and eaten fresh!

~~~Hope the FAQ helps! Good luck in your tempeh making...~~