Steps in Making Tempeh


  1. Soya Beans - 1kg
  2. Tempeh Starter - 2g or 1/2 teaspoon
  3. A Bit of Luck (at first until you get the hang of it)

Soak the soya beans overnight. Break the beans for dehulling purpose. Wash thoroughly and remove the hulls as much as possible.

Boil for 45 min- 1 hour. Remove any excess soya bean hulls. Do not worry if you have some left.

Dry the soya beans thoroughly. You can leave it be to dry naturally or cook it a little bit (donot overdone it) or use a fan (we use this way).

Afterwards, mix the dry beans with the tempeh starter. 2grams of our tempeh starter can innoculate about 1 kg of soya beans.

Using a sandwich bag, (punchure the bag 1-2cm in horizontal and vertical pattern), pack the soya beans. Thickness would depend on individual taste. We like it around ~10mm deep.

Press the bag firmly and flat.

(you do not need to use the rolling pin)

Place the bag in a warm area (~30celcius). eg boiler room or near the heater until it start to sweat by it's own (normally after 8-12hours). Remove or switch off the heat source and place the bag at room temperature. Warning- too hot temperature after it start to innoculate (sweat) will result in a rotten tempeh.
In 36-48 hours, the tempeh should be surrounded by white mold that make up the tempeh.

Fresh tempeh is best cooked within a day or two (recommended) or 1 week if kept refrigerated. Frozen tempeh can last for 1 month, the taste will deterioated after that.

Congratulations you have succesfully made a tempeh.....


Buy or Book Zhulian said...

kalo aku ikut step2 udin ni ..... tentu bisnes tempe mak yayang slow ...

SsenisubJalanan said...

nuar, aku rasa ko patut promosi tempe kat zhulian pulakla. mesti laris punyer... health food... buat apa pakai yang lain, sedangkan tempe lagi banyak khasiat...:p


Norzanah said...

I dah buat tempeh seperti yang disarankan oleh kedai perantau. Alhamdulillah menjadi. Punyalah happy. Saya guna Tempeh starter kedai perantau juga..blh dipercayai.Cuma penjagaan suhu sangat penting. My case, I put the tempeh in the boiler room for 30 degree celcius. Pastu...bila tempeh dh berpeluh2 kuat tu I keluarkan dr boliler room. Then, maintain suhu around 20-23 darjah celcius. Sampailah kulat putih tu penuh..blhla masak atau simpan dl peti ais. thanks a lot for your recipe Kedai Perantau. Semoga bertambah maju...

Liqun said...

Hi, a friend has found your web site for me, and I sent an email last night to order 10g tempeh starter. Could you check your email and let me know the details please. Or let me know if you stopped trading. Thanks,


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