FAQ in Tempe Making Process- PART II

Is there any other way to remove the hull?
Yes, use food processor to break the soya beans (after Step1). Not too much, just enough to crack the beans (dont want it to get too mushy). Scoope the floating hulls during boiling process.

Can you explain the warning part in Step 7: Warning- too hot temperature after it start to innoculate (sweat) will result in a rotten tempeh.
When the tempe start to sweat ( the tempe has started to produce its own heat), remove it from the source of heat (or switch off your heater).

Do we need to puncure the bag 1-2cm in horizontal and vertical pattern.
After much trial and error, we are confident that it doesnot need that much of holes. 8-12 holes through and through disperse around the plastic bag is sufficient enough.